The Power to Prevent


The data to predict your building’s health already exists. Unlock the intel you need with proactive monitoring and control solutions.


Remote monitoring and control for commercial properties

Stryka’s CorLink solution runs daily analyses to identify trends and diagnose problems before they happen. Manage all of your building’s controls with a single dashboard for multiple BACnet enabled HVAC systems.



Patented IoT control solutions optimize energy use and minimize your electrical and mechanical systems’ down time and peak demand charges.



Monitor the health of HVAC units 24/7 and automatically flag unit faults to get ahead of problems before they become unplanned outages.



Get daily analyses that identify trends, diagnose problems, and suggest opportunities to repair costly problems or adjust control settings.

Powered by ODIN: a BACnet certified, always-on, cloud based SSL BACapp software.


“Your building’s trends tell a story. Are you listening?”



How it all started

As the owner of one of New England's leading electrical service and repair companies for commercial property groups, I always believed there could be a better way for building owners and stakeholders to be more proactive with regards to preventing critical equipment failure.

At the very least I believed we could develop a way for them to know in advance that a critical system was about to fail in order to be more proactive in their response. Instead of showing up after something has failed, what if we could predict potential failure and schedule service during normal working hours? 

And so was born Stryka. Our CorLink integrated suite of products provide the most proactive approach to building maintenance and repair. Your building’s equipment and trends are telling a story. Are you listening? We can help.

We speak your building's language. The language of prevent.

Jeff Kibbie | CEO/Founder


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